Terms & Privacy Policy

Welcome to Luck By spin mobile game application. Below are some standard policy to use this game.

  • All users are requested to create only one user account per device.
  • We are not selling or sharing any of user details like contact information etc to any third party.
  • User must be online to play through the game.
  • Admin of the game has all rights to start / stop any features within this application and any user should not have any objection with it.
  • All rights of using application for any particular user are reserved with admin of the application.
  • We are not stealing any private data from device like contact information, reading sms etc.
  • All feature are being used by app user are under self responsbility.
  • Login with LBS- User will have their partner app code sync other partner app with this game. We don't take any personal data from user also we are not sharing any kind of user data we have from user's facebook account to any thrid party, person or company.
  • We are not sharing user's any activity within our applicatioh to any thrid party, person or company.
  • The aim to develop this game is just for entertainment, so any claim with app will not be accepted.
  • We are providing Whatsapp support to our user. User can open whatsapp directly from our app to chat with out support team on whatsapp. All user have to understand that process.
  • Leader who are using luck by spin app very well and achieving the goal using game. Other user will be able to chat with leader from leader board or from leaders from various offers. We encourage you to talk with them via this application only. Be alert during chat if they talk with you for earn cash or earn real money. We are not responsible for any end result because of your communication with leaders. In some other way such leader can misguide you to do tasks for earn real money or real cash. we encourage to check details and other information when anyone ask you to earn free cash or earn real money online. Those may be fraudent.
  • LBS partner apps are games from different game app development group for LBS user's fun. We are providing Login with LBS features for same.